Croatian Visa for South Africans

Sirius Travel is an accredited Travel Agency/ visa submission office and can submit Croatia visa applications on your behalf, for South African Passport Holders Only.

Due to the recent changes to the Rules of Entry into Croatia during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we will be accepting and processing visa applications under a few exceptions where suspension of receipt of the visa application no longer applies.

Third-country nationals’ Including South Africa will be granted entry in the Republic of Croatia only in cases of necessary travel.  However, an exception to the necessary travel is made for tourist reason only if:

  • persons traveling for tourist reasons provided that a certificate of paid accommodation in a hotel, camp, private renter or rented vessel and other forms of tourist accommodation is presented

But please note all passengers from South African are obliged to present a negative PCR test result not older than 48 hours and they have to stay in self-isolation for 14 days. The duration of self-isolation can be shortened if the person, at the earliest on the seventh day of self-isolation, gets a new PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 at their own expense in an institution authorised to conduct testing and if the test result is negative.


1. Visa application form:

OPTION 1 –  complete the online application at, and upload the photo and all required documents

View or download the how-to-guide here: Croatian Visa – How to complete an online application form

When finalized, please print out the application form, write down the PIN number next to the Serial number, and sign the application at field no. 37 and at the bottom. ( 2 signatures needed)

OPTION 2 – if you cannot do an online application you can submit the handwritten application, contact us to ask for the blank application copy, and we shall re-do the application online – at the additional cost of R150 (make sure it is signed twice – at the field no. 37 and at the bottom of the page).

 2. Passport  + colour photo 35×45 mm  + photocopy of the passport ( photo page only)

( Passport must be issued within the last 10 years, with expiry date exceeding the expiry date of the requested visa by a minimum of  three months, and contain at least 2 empty pages)

3. Copy of Airline ticket (From the country of origin to Croatia and return to the country of origin or the third country)

3. Proof of accommodation in Croatia, for the whole period of stay (You must have a Voucher and proof of fully pre-paid accommodation)

–  Accommodation: vouchers with the name of the establishment, physical address, and telephone number

– Local cruise: written confirmation from the cruising agency (letterhead, stamp, signed) plus detailed itinerary (name of the ship, ports in Croatia, date of arrival/departure to and from ports)

– Private boat: registration papers of ownership, copy of owner’s passport, name of the boat, and its base port in Croatia

4.Travel Health Insurance for CROATIA /NON-SCHENGEN COUNTRIES / WORLDWIDE – the minimum cover of EUR30000 ( you can obtain it from your Medical Aid, credit card company if you paid the flights with a credit card, or we can arrange it for you)

5. Proof of sufficient funds – EUR 70 per day for the duration of your stay ( Bank statement showing at least minimum amount required)

6.Employment letter ( or letter from School or University for scholars/students)

We need your passport,  photograph, application form, the hard copies of all your supporting documents listed above, and the proof of payment to Sirius Travel, to be delivered or couriered to us.

You should apply at least 3 weeks before your departure, but not sooner than 3 months before your trip.

Please note that there won’t be any updates on applications received. We will only contact you if some documents are missing, and when the passport with Croatian visa is ready for collection from our office.







Tel: 010 1100 865 ( emergency 072 385 8278)


  • Embassy Visa cost R 1000 plus service fee R 600  = Total Payable: R 1600
  • Handwritten or incorrectly completed application  and upload of documents and photo=Extra R 150


  • Sirius Travel additional fee for urgent delivery and submission to the Embassy is R550
  • IMPORTANT: This fee does not imply or guarantee that the Croatian Embassy has to issue the visa on time.


  • NEDBANK Branch code 197005
  • Account Number 1970850582  ( current account)
  • Reference: APPLICANT’S SURNAME and initials

PROCESSING TIME: Processing time at the Embassy – 15 days from submission.

EXEMPTION FROM VISA COST ( service fee still applies)

  • Children under the age of 12
  • Members of the immediate family of a Croatian citizen (spouse and children)– must submit copies of passport and marriage/birth certificate (as applicable)
  • Members of families of citizens of the EU Member States and EEA, travelling together, must submit a copy of EU spouse/parent passport, marriage/ birth certificate and airline ticket.

For further info and assistance please contact us Tel: (010) 1100 865 / Emergency mobile 072 385 8278

E-mail: or