The emergence of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has understandably generated questions and concerns around travel plans when the virus is still spreading, and official government travel advice continues to change.

As a highly personalised and service-driven company, Sirius Travel is keen to support all our clients in helping you to make the best possible decisions around your travel plans.

Every client’s situation is different, and so we always make recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

Should official travel advice change to recommend against travel to Croatia or your chosen destination, we will work actively with you to reroute or reschedule your itinerary.  Again, with Sirius Travel you will have a personal contact to speak with about your plans.  We are always available to speak about any concerns or questions you may have, regardless of when or where you may be travelling.

As always, our primary priority is the health, wellbeing and happiness of our clients and we will continue to take any action necessary to support those travelling with us as fully as possible.

• For the latest information on COVID-19 cases in Croatia, please visit the Croatian Government’s COVID-19 website. • Wearing protective masks is mandatory throughout the country in public transportation, medical facilities, shops, malls and every other public place where face to face contact is required between employees and clients such as banks, post office, ministry counters, public notary, currency exchange, services that require close contact (hairdressers, salons, etc.).
Due to the recent rise of COVID-19 cases, the following measures are in effect from November 28th to December 21st. These measures may be revised or updated based on the evolving epidemiological situation:
    Individuals must maintain at least 2 meters of social distance indoors and at least 1.5 meters outdoors. All public events, gatherings, and celebrations are limited to 25 people and must end at 22:00, including religious services. These restrictions do not apply to cinemas and museum, gallery and other exhibitions. Private gatherings are limited to 10 people and must end at 22:00. Funerals are limited to 15 people, but physical contact must be avoided when offering condolences. No weddings. No sporting events except for category 1, 2, and 3 professional athletes. No spectators allowed and events must end at 22:00. All gyms, fitness centres, and sports and recreation facilities are closed. All hospitality services (restaurants, cafes, and bars) are closed. Hotels and camps may remain open but only for their guests. Catering and food delivery are allowed during normal working hours. Nightclubs and casinos are closed. Alcohol will not be sold from 22:00 to 6:00. No fairs and tourist events. No musicals, operas, or dance performances. No amateur sporting, cultural, or artistic events and practice sessions. Individual counties and cities may have additional measures.
Healthcare facilities in Croatia are considered to be of a very high standard and in line with EU standards. It’s important to note that healthcare is free to all Croatian citizens with the country benefiting from advanced treatment and the latest technology. There are hospitals in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik which are a couple of hours away from any point you will be travelling.
Any clients who are concerned about travelling to Croatia can get in touch with our team and discuss planning their trip in 2021. Please view our operators' updated Terms and conditions for 2021 season below. You can reach us at We aim to respond to all customer queries on the same day.


Our hearts and thoughts go out to all who have been impacted by this unprecedented, ongoing global crisis. As always, our primary priority is the health, wellbeing and happiness of our clients and staff, and we will continue to take any action necessary to support those travelling with us as fully as possible. We are here to help you.

In accordance with travel restrictions imposed by government advisories worldwide, our Croatia operators have made the difficult but necessary decision to suspend most of the tours in 2020.

If you have a booked trip during this suspension period, please rest assured that you have a travel credit automatically available to you for the full value of the land portion of your trip, to use for travel before 31 December 2021.

You are eligible to either:
  • Rebook now and change your travel dates to a new date next year 2021. Any discounts that had been applied to your original booking will be transferred and applied to your new booking if you are booking the same trip on the same dates next year.
  • Elect to hold a Future Travel Credit of the full amount paid redeemable against new booking for 2021 season. To give you maximum flexibility, you can also choose to transfer your Future Travel Credit to a friend or family member.
General Travel Advice

With the sheer scale of unconfirmed and inaccurate information circulating on the Internet about the Coronavirus, ASATA has created a dedicated Coronavirus page on its website including FAQs derived from the World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute of Communicable Diseases(NICD) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

For general info on coronavirus in South Africa please visit 

Whilst traditional press is an easy source of information, we also urge our customers to follow the interactive web-based dashboard setup by John Hopkins University who are actively tracking the virus, the infections, deaths and recoveries.