Discover the breath-taking beauty of Croatia, the “land of a thousand islands”. Interact with the welcoming hospitable people, sample the local cuisine and marvel at the history and culture.

Visit sun-drenched beaches, sail calm seas, explore unspoilt coves and bays, view ancient Renaissance towns, fertile plains, wooded mountains and lavender covered islands.  All of this and more make Croatia one of Europe’s most fashionable and sought-after destinations. Welcome to Croatia!

Croatia Cruises

Get ready to be overwhelmed! The Croatian coast and her islands are beautiful beyond belief. Our Croatia Cruise holidays are the best way to experience it all.

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Croatia Holiday Specials

What’s better than an amazing holiday in Croatia? A Croatian holiday that’s on special! Here is a list of all our Croatia holiday specials. We have numerous Early bird offers and sometimes we have last-minute specials. Most will need to be booked and paid for within a certain date and all are limited availability. So don’t waste any time and contact us to make your booking now.

Croatia Island Hopping

Croatia Island Hopping is really the best way to see Croatia. 

What could be better than spending a holiday hopping from island to island? Start in Split and head south to Dubrovnik, or start in Dubrovnik and head north to finish in Split. Or, you can start or finish in Zagreb and take in Plitvice Lakes on the way.

Thousands of Croatia idyllic islands can be discovered while island hopping using ferries, public transport and on foot.

Cruise and Bike

One of the best ways to explore Croatia is on a bike. Experience best of Croatia on our bike cruise and find the perfect balance of relaxation and activity.

Escorted Coach Tours

We have a great selection of small group tours and coach tours of Croatia and Balkans with set departures. Explore ancient cities, see breath-taking waterfalls and forests, and relax by the sea. Our Croatia tours offer a variety of options to truly discover the region. In addition to Croatia, our tours also include stops throughout other parts of the Balkans. Start your tour in Croatia and then explore neighbouring countries. You can make your way up the coast to Slovenia and Italy, travel south to Montenegro, or inland to Bosnia and Serbia. Each country has its own unique culture and cuisine.

Multi-day Adventures

A unique combination of mountains, rivers and sea makes Croatia and Balkans an ideal place to have a multi-adventure holiday. Experience the thrill of rafting and canyoning, kayak and paddle in the clear Adriatic Sea or walk the old and forgotten hiking trails. All of this is combined with swimming and sunbathing in unforgettable bays and beaches.