The emergence of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has understandably generated questions and concerns around travel plans when the virus is still spreading, and official government travel advice continues to change.

As a highly personalised and service-driven company, Sirius Travel is keen to support all our clients in helping you to make the best possible decisions around your travel plans. For general info on coronavirus please visit 

We are closely monitoring and managing this situation as it evolves; we receive daily updates from our local contacts in Croatia and carefully review any news and official changes in travel advice from around the world.

Every client’s situation is different, and so we always make recommendations on a case-by-case basis, but we have also decided to put together travel advice with the information about travelling to Croatia during the COVID-19 health emergency and measures that are being undertaken both by the Croatian government and our Croatian operators, including their updated terms and conditions.

Should official travel advice change to recommend against travel to Croatia or your chosen destination, we will work actively with you to reroute or reschedule your itinerary.  Again, with Sirius Travel you will have a personal contact to speak with about your plans.  We are always available to speak about any concerns or questions you may have, regardless of when or where you may be travelling.

As always, our primary priority is the health, wellbeing and happiness of our clients and we will continue to take any action necessary to support those travelling with us as fully as possible.

As of 26 March 2020, there are 481 confirmed cases in Croatia. The Croatian Ministry of Health has taken full and immediate measures to confine the virus and has put travel restrictions in place. At this moment entering Croatia from most of the countries is subject to either 14 days compulsory quarantine or self-imposed isolation. We are working closely with various travel suppliers to ascertain risks and proactive measures have been put in place to re-accommodate and assist our travellers.
As of March 15, 2020, any foreign nationals, entering Croatia from most of the countries are subject to either 14 days compulsory quarantine or self-imposed isolation. All foreign nationals entering the Republic of Croatia that have in the last 14 days visited the following countries/ territories
Will be subject to compulsory 14-Day quarantine at their own expense.  Additionally, all foreign nationals entering the Republic of Croatia that have in the last 14 days visited the countries/ territories with the "Community Transmission" or "Local Transmission", as indicated by the latest issue of the WHO  Situation report, will be subject to compulsory  14-days self-imposed isolation.  Foreign nationals that do not have a residence in Croatia must have evidence of booked accommodation. We expect that these measures will be active until 15th April 2020.
Our general advice is still not to panic, but to “wait" until the end of April, before making any decision on cancellation or postponement and re-booking. All our operators have changed their cancellation terms and will let you postpone your booked trips to a later date in 2020 or even a new date in 2021. Please contact us via email or call us.
Healthcare facilities in Croatia are considered to be of a very high standard and in line with EU standards. It’s important to note that healthcare is free to all Croatian citizens with the country benefiting from advanced treatment and the latest technology. There are hospitals in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik which are a couple of hours away from any point you will be travelling.
Any clients who are concerned about travelling to Croatia in May and June, can get in touch with our team and discuss postponing their trip to later in 2020 or 2021. Please view our operators' updated Terms and conditions below You can reach us at We aim to respond to all customer queries on the same day.

Cancellations and Postponements

Sirius Travel acts as the representative for various Croatian Travel providers and follows their standard Cancellation Terms and Conditions. Each operator has their own cancellation terms & conditions and they have all updated these  as follows:

    • All existing bookings on guaranteed departures can be re-booked to any later date this year 2020, or to a new date in 2021. Cancellations will be dealt on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you wish to cancel.
      From the day of confirmation up till 30 days prior to arrival – advance payment - deposit you have paid to secure the booking is non-refundable. Thereafter the percentage-based cancellation fees apply as per the operator's cancellation terms.
      For the existing bookings booked for later into the year ( June July August) balance payment will be due 14 days prior to arrival, depending on the operator.
      Any confirmed bookings can be moved free of charge to the other departures later this year 2020 and into the new season in 2021. Operators are offering these new bookings at the same rate and conditions as initially booked.
      Starting from March 5th, 2020 operators in Croatia have decided to temporarily lower deposits to €50 per person for newly confirmed bookings. This measure was made to help with securing new bookings, and it does not apply to bookings confirmed before this date with the regular cancellation policy.
      From the day of confirmation up till 30 days prior to arrival – advance payment/deposit you have paid to secure the booking is non-refundable.
      • Katarina Line Cruise: • 29-22 days – 25% of the remaining balance • 21-15 days – 50% of the remaining balance • 14-0 days – 100% fee
      • Elite Cruises: • 30 – 15 days- 35% of the tour rate • 14 – 8 days - 50% of the tour rate • 7 – 0 and no show -100% of the tour rate
      • Ambassador Cruises: • 35 – 22 days- 35% of the total cruise rate • 21 – 15 days - 50% of the total cruise rate • 14 – 0 days - 100% of the total cruise rate
      • Atlas Cruises: • 29 – 22 days - 35% of the total • 21 – 15 days - 50% of the total • 14 – 0 days, no show -100% of the total

For more General Travel advice in the time of Coronavirus we are advising our clients to visit the ASATA website as follows:

With the sheer scale of unconfirmed and inaccurate information circulating on the Internet about the Coronavirus, ASATA has created a dedicated Coronavirus page on its website including FAQs derived from the World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute of Communicable Diseases(NICD) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Whilst traditional press is an easy source of information, we also urge our customers to follow the interactive web-based dashboard setup by John Hopkins University who are actively tracking the virus, the infections, deaths and recoveries.